Hi, I’m Natasha and I want everyone to feel included in the delight of chocolate, regardless of dietary requirements or food intolerance.

The inception of Coco Delights began a couple of years ago when I started hobby making coconut chocolates in my kitchen. I wanted to make homemade chocolates taste more luxurious than those from the most popular high street retailers. I shared my first creations among my children and work colleagues, and they loved them. I continued making chocolates for special occasions. One Christmas, instead of choosing gifts for friends and family, I made around 500 chocolates, I packaged them beautifully and presented them as gifts. The positive feedback was overwhelming, “you should start a business”, many said. But with a busy schedule of working full time, part-time studies and being a single parent to two active children; launching a business just didn’t seem achievable. Then in early 2020, the UK was impacted by COVID-19 and we entered the first national lockdown. I decided to turn a difficult time into a positive and embarked on a journey to share my chocolate creations beyond those close to me, and Coco Delights was born.

When I’m not fulfilling customer orders at Coco Delights HQ, among many other responsibilities, you’ll find me spending time with my two children and studying to be a qualified mental health professional.

2020 has taught me anything is possible, and that includes the most creative and decadent chocolates imaginable for my customers!